February 8, 2016

Snapped-deal - naps on a dil ki deal

February 08, 2016 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Bought this product from snapdeal - Sony Alpha SLT A58M. Of course its currently sold out. But the order was supposed to come with a combo kit as advertised. Screenshot below:

While the camera arrived, the combo kit never did. And the I had to follow up with a ticket to make the seller send the combo kit via DTDC. The sellet though, showed no remorse in trying to bargain with me into sending whatever tripod or SDHC card or screen guard he had at his disposal which I promptly refused, Talk about customer insensitivity! 

Firstly he didn't send the combo kit itself. And when asked why, he sent what he could get his hands on. The result? A screen guard which won't even fit the camera screen (4 inch wouldn't fit a 2.7'' screen I suppose!?), a tripod which is not 'Photron'. check the product combo product advertised above and the one sent by seller below. And finally, the SDHC card, which is not Lexar(advertised above), but a random Sandisk one, which I don't even know is duplicate or not.

What irked me most was the guts of the seller to have no guilt of not having sent the combo kit. It was almost as if he was doing ME a favour by sending a random combo kit. I have been following up for more than two weeks, with the proof above, but snapdeal remains unshaken. And for the price of the product and the seller experience, if I were snapdeal I would have kicked out the seller by now from the system.