August 9, 2005

Don't React,Learn To Respond

August 09, 2005 Posted by Vijay No comments
Came across an article from Rahul Kapoor, the founder-director of Kapoor's Workshop on Effective Communication. The article is about learning to respond rather than to react. Here are 2 equations he defines in the article ..

Situation + Reaction = Disaster
Situation + Response = Outcome

How true ? When we react it is governed by our spontaneity to a situation. So there is ample room for hysteria,anger and any other form of eccentricity which will create turmoil around us. We may lose our senses in those 10 seconds of outburst. Who loses the image ? We, ourselves. But instead if we can just ponder for that extra second as to what we want out of the situation, we can respond effectively. It is same as think before you leap. Respond before you react. And you may well avoid a disaster which may be close at hand !