August 10, 2005

It Happens ..

August 10, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
Can you unlock something that is already unlocked ? Well, almost always you can't. I tried in vain to do so, only to realise that it indeed isn't possible. My colleague wanted my stapler that I had safely (un)locked it in my table drawer. I tried opening it but in vain, for it never was locked !! And then, Pandora's box opened, and it was opened by my colleague, and I couldn't hide my embarassment. But hey, you can always, lock the unlocked, which was easier now :D

Stranger things have happened. My friend,who wanted to take the lift, asked those getting out of it at the ground floor - " Is it going up " ??!!! huh ??

Can't think of any other right now :D


Nettie said...

But maybe it made your colleague happy that he could open the drawer. Especially if it got him the stapler.