November 3, 2006

A Frustrated Bencher ..

November 03, 2006 Posted by Vijay , 4 comments
I hope there is soon a verb called Benching in the Oxford dictionary. The meaning should be, any IT professional (aka software engineer) who keeps warming his seat whilst the company pays for him month on month, without allocating him into any project. Thus, the IT professional would be described as being on bench, and the activities he does (or doesn't) should be called as benching !

Now, consider a case when there is a candidate who is on bench, and another friend of his who has a long running project. They meet over a cup of tea and have a discussion, like the famous Deewar dialogue exchange between Shashi Kappor(in this case the guy working on a project), and Amitabh Bacchan (in this case the bencher)...

In typical Deewar style, the bencher asks : "Mere paas computer hai, free time hai, keyboard hai, internet hai, tumhare paas kya hai" ?

The project guy : "Mere paas .... PROJECT HAI" !!


The Philosopher said...


Its time u realize a "bencher" wouldnt get the same incentive as a "Project" man would. Also incase of a layoff these are the guys first shown the door.

Moral: If u r a long time "bencher" Wednesday Newspapers are a good thing to start with


Anonymous said...

Looks like we are sailing in the same boat. :)

The Enigma said...

Benched is a very depressing term. Think of yourselves as Super-Subs. You are brought in to get a job done because only you have the know-how. Your highly strung and supreme skills are in such short supply that your employers are willing to give you adequate rest between jobs, in order to give you time to recharge your batteries. Who knows when you will be required to once again leave the commoners in awe of your unimaginable talents. :>

The glass is always half full, lads.

Anonymous said...

and what do you call a guy who gets paid for writing blogs in office?!