November 2, 2006

To Win Or Not To ???

November 02, 2006 Posted by Vijay No comments
So, SETMAX continues to woo a large audience now, courtesy the entertainment factor, rather than the cricket one, which sadly for Indian audience died a sudden death with India's early exit. The Dhoom-2 cast appearing for the pre match shows, does help MAX manage to get the same TRP for their Extraa Innings show. As part of the promotion of Dhoom-2 , prizes too are being given away to lucky winners of various contests during the cricket matches.

One such contest has Bipasha coming on air and announcing the prize that can be won by the winner. The winner would get a costume from the Dhoom - 2 collection. Now, if it is one of Bipasha's costumes,then I really do hope that the winner has some spare clothes with her. He/she wouldn't want to be dressed(or not ???) like Bipasha, would she ? I also do hope the Dhoom 2 collection is not the used ones of the famed actors. Or, would there now be ads for the sweaty amalgamation of the stars being marketed as Swe(a)etScent ??