March 28, 2007

Indian Cricketers' Ads - Post World Cup

March 28, 2007 Posted by Vijay No comments
Mein Kaun Hoon Mein Kahaan Hoon, is what Sachin would feel soon, or has already been made to feel. For the first time, maybe in 18 years of a supposedly illustrious career, he is facing the wrath of the entire nation. People calling for his head, and demanding that he be dropped. And once he is dropped, Sachin, in his own unique style will say -"Main Kaun Hoon, Main Kahaan Hoon", "Aila, Mujhe Drop Kar Diya". He will probably hate buying his own Sunfeast biscuits.

Dravid (though not to be blamed for the World Cup fiasco) will not find anchor on the cricketing field, and would have to search for that elusive anchor switch at his own home. Surely, the wall has hit a wall, and darkness owing to electricity loss hasn't helped matters.

Dhoni, probably would have to cut his hair, or even tonsure his head, since it is doubtful whether he would be given a long rope. Since in Dhoni's case his hair is as long as one can imagine a rope to be, he shouldn't expect too much of sympathy. Maybe, shaving his hair would give a positive signal, that he is ready to start things afresh. From the ROOTs so to speak.

And yes, Zaheer and Sachin are certainly better at breaking eggs, and not records or partnerships. From the Egg Campaign, which I prefer to call it as, it would seem, they would be put to shame by the kids shaking their hands, AILA ! Sachin is better of, saying - "AILA, WHERE IS ANJALI,MY LAILA".

The Tigers of the Indian team on the ground, turned out to be the smallest amongst the feline lot, the cats. The real tigers (Bangladesh) and lions(Srilankans) seem to have mauled them, and ripped them naked in front of their billion fans. The Indian Cricket Tigers must have been relieved, that their Bermudas were intact after the match against Bermuda.

Finally, our ownChappell. One wonders whether it would be a tribute or an insult if Greg is the name of a new Chappal Company an Indian would want to float. His Roadmap for the Indian team probably is being trampled on by chappals on the road. And if he even thinks he wants to continue working with the Indian team, he must be day dreaming.