March 21, 2007

CWC - Controversial World Cup ?

March 21, 2007 Posted by Vijay No comments
Public sympathy and dismay over the Pakistani Cricket Team's Coach have now over shadowed the ongoing Cricket World Cup itself. Pakistan, yet again has managed to be in the cricketing limelight, inevitably for all the wrong reasons. The past 9 months have been tumultous for the Pakistani team. A forfeited Oval Test match in England, charges against Inzamam, Younis Khan refusing to take the captaincy mantle for Champions' Trophy. Immediately followed by the doping scandal ahead of the Champions' Trophy against Mohammad Asif and Shoaib Akhtar, a disastrous South African Tour, mystery surrounding Mohammad Asif and Shoaib Akhtar's non-inclusion in the World Cup Squad, and probably most damagingly, the loss to Ireland on Saturday last, followed by the death in mysterious circumstances of Bob Woolmer their coach.

The list seems like an action filled soap opera, except that they have done only bad things for Pakistani Cricket and is threatening to damage the gentleman's game with conspiracy theories floating around Bob Woolmer's death. Pakistan cricket probably has never had this worse a period of time. The biggest upset ever in ODIs against Ireland, and the very next day the death of Bob Woolmer in mysterious circumstances. Pakistan cricket has now hit a new low. If investigations going on Kingston, Jamaica are to be taken seriously around the death of Woolmer, it wouldn't be a surprise if some major heads in Pakistan Cricket would roll.

Ironically, for the Cricket World Cup which was touted as a whipping arena for minnows, it has turned out to be a shocker for both India and Pakistan. On the other hand, it probably is good that major games between major test playing nations are not happening when the investigations are going on. Atleast, the real competition would still be a treat to watch . The Super 8's are still some days away.

Roping in 8 minnows into this World Cup seems to have made a huge impact on the game of Cricket. The impact, sadly one feels isn't one which can be a positive one. It may have brought about the death of a great coach. It has indeed brought about the humiliation of Pakistan Cricket. A spate of resignations starting from the captain to the chairman of the selection panel, cannot repair the damage already done. Indeed, Pakistan Cricket will bounce back. But all its potential has gone waste and won't be on display when it mattered at the big stage.