June 11, 2008

Olfactory Malfunction

June 11, 2008 Posted by Vijay , 2 comments
If models can afford to have manmade maal-functions right in front of a jaw dropping audience, every human is entitled to his or her own malfunction derived out of sheer illness. The fact that my post alludes to the olfactory senses, is clear enough to indicate that I am indeed suffering a short term illness of the olfactory kind.

Weather Gods were not kind to me. Well, actually they were kind in as much as not sending in heavy showers, while I stomped in the rainy weather to Jayanagar 4th block. Since it was raining, all the autos were auto-full and it was getting difficult to get an auto. I normally keep walking towards my destination in anticipation of an auto stopping by for me to get in. Circumstantially handicapped, I kept on walking only to realise after 1.5 kms, that I'd rather walk all the way. After all, Banasankari 2nd Stage BDA to Jayanagar 4th block is hardly 3 kms away.

I did enjoy the light consistent drizzle, which I should add was forced upon me to enjoy. After the 3 km walk, I got my specs, and started back.6:30 in the evening, and still drizzling, I was a little tired after the walk, and thought it wise to hire an auto after all. Well, talk about consistency. The auto wallahs in Bangalore seldom disappoint you, and my humble enquiry of going to BDA in the rain was treated as if I am handicapped and cannot walk an inch. 40 bucks was the demand for a 20 buck drive. Reason was obviously the rain.

I got back to my walking and hand waving ways for stopping an auto. Finally one obliged and I headed back home. So much for collecting my specs, and my senses were all intact. Well, so far so good, and I woke up the next day, hale and healthy. Soon though, this was about to change ..

Two days on, my senses were taking a beating, and my throat was in bad shape. Painful and unable to talk, I felt it was more an attempt to use sign language than actually trying to speak anything meaningful. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, in the form of the doctor. The prescription was highly necessary since I had to attend an important wedding of my cousin's at Chidambaram.

I had to travel to Chidambaram (in Tamil Nadu) a place which is bad in terms of weather .. hot and humid. I was game for it, but soon I was to realise, I may be in trouble. I was struggling to cope with the heat and my health was not keeping good. The medicines resulted in an e-motional outpour, albeit of a different kind.

The kind, which embarrasses anyone suffering from cold in public. The sight of someone blowing a nose in public, is so gross and disgusting. But does anyone even empathise once with the sufferer ? In this case the sufferer was me, and I was really feeling bad. But hey, this outpour was the result of the downpour which I got wet in.

Nose blocks can be so irritating and frustrating. The olfactory organ which gives the sense of smell, when blocked and being emotionally overrun by medicines, makes all foodies go crazy. This is probably the best time, when the worst cooks can get away with cooking any which thing they like. Not being a foodie, I was not too perturbed and went about having anything which was pleasing to the eye !

My olfactory malfunction went on, through the heat, and through the cold weather taking effect in Bangalore when I returned back. I still am bewildered as to why my nose is so emotional ! It can't stop crying ! Well, before I get too gross and disgusting to be read further, I must emphasise, that nose blowing is considered real gross in public. So, get that kerchief out, and well, try to have a silencer fitted around your nose. If possible that is !!


Anonymous said...

U dont need a silencer around ur friends....they understand. Afterall therez no human being on earth who has never been in the situation that u had !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vijay how have u been?hmm seems B'lore Whether is bad:)