June 2, 2008

Veil of Innocence ?

June 02, 2008 Posted by Vijay No comments
A murder that has caught the imagination of the entire nation. Or should one say, has been thrown at the entire nation to be caught, and lapped up by the nation of more than a 100 crore. Aarushi, hopefully is resting in peace, but would be appalled at the way her case is being thrown around the country. Does a murder really warrant this kind of coverage ?

Quite shocking is the way the police and media are at loggerheads. The media is trying to influence an entire nation. And the police is not doing any better. Atleast, "was" is apt for the police as CBI has taken over the investigation.

What shudders me most, is why a nation cannot believe a family member cannot have killed Aarushi. What surprises me even more is, just because Aarushi is dead, should everyone believe what the police did was character assassination ? We are all humans, and Aarushi too was. Anyone can make mistakes. It could very well be possible that Rajesh Talwar indeed is the murderer.

I know I am no investigator to prove facts and provide evidence. But, we as common citizens should not believe in any story and think that family can never kill it's own kin. A fit of rage is all it takes for any angel to turn into a devil. In that respect, we should not rule out Nupur Talwar or Rajesh Talwar.

From all the interviews I have seen of Nupur, I think she is a shady character. Emotionless to the core, though the counter argument could be that she is trying to project a strong image. I don't think so. Such cold and emotionless interviews can be given only by someone who is cold enough to commit crimes. And that too, few days after the murder, why would an aggrieved mother want to go around publishing her interviews to news channels ? Shouldn't she have volunteered to give these same statements to the police ?

We always hold the police responsible. Admitted, they have made a lot of blunders. That doesn't mean they are pushovers and we can replace them with a highly influential media. Why can't the media believe that there indeed was a relationship between Aarushi and Hemraj ? That doesn't result in character assassination. What if Aarushi was alive today and only Hemraj was murdered ? Can all of us, believe that Aarushi is beyond suspicion ? Just because she was hardly 14 and is already dead, should we give her all the benefit of the doubt ?

I maybe playing Devil's Advocate here. But sadly, the world today is far more sinister than what our orthodox middle class makes it out to be. The problem with the media is, it has become overpowering. They are in a position today, to impose their own ruling on the final verdict. If the media says, it is character assassination, then it is so! If the media says the police investigation has loopholes, then it is so . If the supposedly accused's wife comes up on channels all over the country stating her husband is innocent, the entire nation should believe Rajesh Talwar is innocent !

Let us not always assume the media is on the right. For if the media is given all the power, there may not be any room even for forensic science and investigating agencies. Mere public opinion may be good enough to even hand the penalty to the innocent.