September 15, 2008

FiiO - Pocket-sized Amplifier

September 15, 2008 Posted by Vijay , No comments
I got this pint sized amplifier for pairing with my Cowon D2 player. You need to hold this amplifier in your hand to feel how small it actually is. Guaranteed, when one imagines that it is powered by a AAA battery, it would indeed be small.But the pictures tell the true story.

A history on my D2 is that I lost my previously purchased 4GB Cowon D2. I lost the 8GB SDHC card, which I had in its SD card slot in the process.But I was dying to have it back, so went ahead and got another one for myself, this time 16GB one. Mind boggling is the alarming way at which electronics prices plummet as old products become fast obsolete or new technology or innovations take over. I got the 4GB D2 for 194$ last year, and a year later I got the 16GB model for 215$ from Amazon. Little on the expensive side. But, great for the bargain, what with an SD card slot for 16GB more memory (32GB when available). All Cowon players also have dedicated forums which let users and fans alike publish,share and create add-ons to the oh-so flexible line of Cowon players. There is a ton of information there.

Though I love music and listen a lot, I love gadgets too. This tiny amplifier boosts the ever impressive sound enhancements of the D2. Though it doesn't quite boost the volume per se', it gives a warmth to the renderings. For 8.5$ it is a great buy, rather than going for something which is really costly (You also get the black version).I got it today, and I can say that it produces the same effect at a volume level 9 in my D2, which my D2 without it would have produced at a volume of, say 15-16.My advise, if you love music and like to hear the subtle nuances in a song, go get this one !