September 11, 2008


September 11, 2008 Posted by Vijay , No comments
As I sit and type this post, I start wondering .. how much the world of web has netted the world. A transformation complete except for the elusive physical nature of human touch. All else is there on the internet today. Has the human touch gone, due to the advent of internet ? Far from it, it has led to more awareness, and more donations and volunteering for human touch.

A world, which is fast getting revolutionised, breaking myths of conservatism and orthodoxy. People meet and acquaint through the internet, and make for successful marriages. In stark contrast to the very mode of meeting someone without a physical identity, internet has provided the tools to express the true self that everyone is. When I try to spread the gospel of Sanity Restored Is Insanity Gained, I am scoffed at. Because, as much as there is truth in what I said, the true expression of feelings are still held in wraps in the mind.

Internet has in a sense given freedom of expression. Expression through just chats, or through blogs. Of course, no one can get away from those who misuse these tools and gain mileage out of it for ulterior motives. But the greater point to be noted is that a medium such as chat, brings out the funny side of one and all. And more often than not, the vulnerable side too. For what is spoken to in person, might be with strings attached, but what is communicated through a medium without the element of physical human interaction gives unlimited freedom. Freedom to sometimes be rude and get away. Freedom to be funny and yet be serious and sad.

The smiley which has inundated chat forums reveals so much of the person and the mood he/she is in. A smile, which can put to rest uneasiness or tension. A grin, which suggests a sense of trying to be a tad too smart. A broken heart smiley undoubtedly conveying disappointment, without being over the top. An angry smiley which conveys angst and rage over something or someone. Yet, the smileys manage to bring out a funnier side to each conversation, but all the while managing to keep emotions and anger under control.

I get surprised at the outbursts people pour over in chats or blogs at times. But, that's the true personality and the mood that the person is in. A written medium can express so much, yet manage to ease pressure and strain. The smileys, as far as I am concerned are remarkable inventions, which convey a lot of meaning and yet remain sweet and funny with just a few characters. Truly, the smiley world is here to stay, and the world is only starting to realising it's true value.