December 29, 2008

Aussies can't Dar'e'

December 29, 2008 Posted by Vijay No comments
Looking at Australia's decline over the past 3 years or so, some things stand out as more than coincidental. What comes to my mind as one of the biggest coincidences has been the presence of umpire Aleem Dar in particular. Especially in all those matches, where Australia were unable to defend huge scores. This included the highest run chase ever in ODI history and also the most recent second highest run chase in Test Matches.

One needs to only think about the series the Aussies were whitewashed in, against New Zealand in New Zealand. This happened just prior to the 2007 World Cup, and Australia were decimated by a vibrant New Zealand team. Albeit, Australia was without the services of Ponting and Gilchrist. In that series in February 2007, in successive matches, New Zealand chased down second highest world record scores. It wasn't a surprise to note that Aleem Dar was witness to the unforgettable 434 run chase by South Africa at the Bull Ring. And more recently, South Africa again defeated Australia, by chasing down an improbable 414 in Australia, in the first test match of the ongoing test series. Yet again, Aleem Dar was witness to history being re-written.

Talk about coincidences. Australia would certainly want to introspect their waning fortunes on the cricket field. It may also help if they looked at requesting Aleem Dar from opting out of matches they are involved in. Atleast, it might help them in feeling more of self belief than déjà vu. Unfortunately for Australia, Aleem Dar is one of the best in the umpiring business and one of the youngest going around at 40.

Following are links to those incredible scorecards !


1. South Africa chase 434 !
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1. South Africa chase down 414 in Perth !