January 6, 2010

Google says - Next Us with Nexus

January 06, 2010 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Google finally unwrapped an as yet rumored phone for the U.S market. While in the U.S market all mobile phones come with a telecom carrier package, Google has launched Nexus One as a direct offering to the consumer. When Apple launched its iPhone, it was priced at over $400 with a 2 year bond with AT&T, Google Nexus One is being offered directly to the consumer, without a carrier tie up for $529. Essentially Nexus One will come unlocked for those who don't want a carrier tie up, but for those who want it unlocked and have it on a carrier will have to sign a contract accordingly.

A little over a decade after Google came into being, the decade from 1999-2009 has ended with Google making giant strides in what can be called, the future of the web. Google has quietly eaten into the businesses of Apple and Microsoft, especially in 2009, with announcements of their very own Chrome browser and now the Google phone. Google is leaving its footprints on all the trends of the technical world, besides defining how computing will be in the following decades.

Google's Nexus One announcement is even more significant given the timing of it. CES, which is the most eagerly awaited technology event the world over, will begin two days after the Nexus One launch. Google may just have taken the sheen off the event by making such a major announcement. Google has done it the smart way. It introduced the Android, then slowly partnered with mobile handset makers like Motorola, HTC to market their open source Android platform. Once the Droid became a hit earlier this year, Google seems to have gained enough confidence to press forward with its own phone. The push for an open source Google Android platform could also significantly dent Apple's iPhone Apps which tends to scrutinize the app developers no end.

Besides such a big announcement 2 days before a mega event like the CES, another objective which Google has quietly achieved is to whittle down the raging interest in the Apple Tablet PC. Apple's rumored Tablet has been gaining raging publicity over the web without it having to spend a penny on marketing. While a January 27 announcement by Apple on this is being talked about, there is no confirmation as yet. By announcing the Nexus One well before this event, Google has indeed stolen a march over its many rivals at the beginning of the decade.