January 1, 2010

2009 - News-i-verse in Terse

January 01, 2010 Posted by Vijay , No comments
My personal top news of 2009 in terse with an Indian perspective.

• Picking up the pieces of a peaceful peace prize for president Obama can in no way justify the gatecrashing of his dinner party with Manmohan Singh, resulting in Tiger's crashing private life and sending more troops for justifying an already floundering Afpak policy

• Google's googlies left Apple grappling with its iPhone against an androidal invasion with Droids while Microsoft's bing could only launch against Google's chrome war on browsers

Twitter's fluttering tweets twittered the internet with raging success culminating in being the most searched word the world over

• Swine Flu flew across continents and spread paranoia which glued people to guidelines and health advisories for an as yet unknown flu

• An electorally voted unanimous Congress asserted itself in India, giving much needed confidence for a worried Indian economy with much needed political stability in the face of a slowdown

• An Indian cricket team which predictably had a horrendous T20 Cricket World Cup in England, much as Pakistan came out of a scarred cricketing image because of terror strikes and lifted the T20 world cup.

• A bruised Indian T20 cricket team could not even cruise against a crusading and injured Aussie team, thus relinquishing a transient numero uno ODI spot in a matter of hours

Tharoor's tweeting foray brought out open conflicts within the functioning of the Indian Government much to the chagrin of a Congress party in majority

• Maoist fears finally hit PC hard and now the Red Corridor is very much on guard

• Koda's corrupt Koka-ey revealed the malice plaguing Indian bureaucracy

• While Federer re-produced a double in his personal life, his double at the Grand Slams made him the best of all time with 15 slams, even as his dear friend Tiger Woods’s bootylicious flirtations left him poorer by more than a few million dollars