December 10, 2009

Tiger drinks Gatorade for Accenture

December 10, 2009 Posted by Vijay , 2 comments
Note: Some portions in the post may be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised

To follow and know more about gossip on news channels can be quite addictive. The more spicy the news, the more eyeballs it gets. Rather sadly for Tiger Woods, its not his growls on the golf course, but his groans and moans of an otherwise guarded life which is being heard more. He may have hit a good ball with a golf stick, but he didn't need more than a pair of them to hit a dozen birdies. And birdies which have not ceased tumbling from the nests he secretly flew to. Birdies which were so free to fly anywhere but found great comfort in building nests in Tiger's Woods.

Isn't it the easiest thing on earth to have a chance to point fingers at someone ? It sure is, and when it is something sensational, media and bloggers like me feel it is our right to frame a celebrity as a scandalous man, an ill-worthy sportsman, and never a role model. As I did read, internet publications are attracting huge traffic, riding on the Woods controversy. On a self confession note, I wouldn't be too far behind either.

But I would like to acquit myself of using the controversy and ponder over what led the Tiger to moan in the birdies' nests and not growl in his own den. First and foremost, it goes without saying that his flings brought him a zing in his life, which probably helped him win 14 majors. Besides, he may have felt that he had to prove to himself of being a major (the adolescent one, silly) and so visited the birdies. On an empathetic note, one cannot blame a normal guy to not be visiting nests of experienced, bootylicious birdies, when there is a bottomless wallet to boot. If he hadn't been attracted, he may have been stamped as gay !

It could even be, that he was literally testing the waters to see if Gatorade as an energy drink does work. After all, one sweats more in a bed course than a golf course. Unfortunately, the energy drink only helped in invigorating him more, and left him with enough energy to last more than a handful of birdies. Result being, Gatorade ditched its loyal tester, the Tiger and withdrew a 5 year $100 million contract. The objective for Gatorade was met. It sure DOES work. And for(e) many plays too !

On the other hand, Tiger did prove true to Accenture's ambitions of using his celebrity status for their caption, High Performance Delivered. For while Gatorade only supplied him the necessary energy, the delivery was left all to Tiger. And if he had birdies numbering 10 or more, Accenture sure did choose the right sports candidate to prove its    tagline. After all, only a high performance delivery can bring about 10 birdies.

Oh, BTW. What does the post title signify ? Read as follows: Tiger drinks Gatorade (energy drink) for high performance delivery.


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