December 27, 2009

Sleaze with Ease

December 27, 2009 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
A multitude of issues are tumbling out of the ongoing sleaze charges against Narain Dutt Tiwari (N.D. Tiwari) and molestation case against S.P.S Rathore. If not being responsible enough about the position they held wasn't good enough, they have been cunning enough to have hidden away their cheap escapades using political clout and misuse of office.

It is funny to note that these high flying gentlemen are well past their reproductive capabilities (Tiwari is 85 and Rathore is 67), but still manage a fling. I can be argued against by stating that S.P.S Rathore molested Ruchika almost 19 years back. Ironically, 28th December is precisely the date when the charges were levelled against the supposedly celebrated police officer.

N.D.Tiwari on the other hand, has been a step ahead, as should be the case with someone administering affairs of a state. While being chief minister of U.P. it was an open secret to many of his extra marital affairs. He did use his wife's gynaecological knowledge to manage his flaccid endowment on three women. It is as yet unknown if his performance or the lack of it with the three women was the reason for his ouster from governorship of Andhra Pradesh.

While Tiwari can be pardoned due to his inherent weaknesses and willingness of women to satisfy him, what S.P.S Rathore did to Ruchika was indeed lewd and outright pervert. Public sentiment will always remain doubtful against police officers, especially when high ranking officers blatantly misuse their power. Inspite of being chargesheeted, the ex-Haryana DGP had the guts to harass Ruchika's family for almost 5 years.

Unfortunately for the Indian public, such are the headlines topping the print and visual media towards the end of a year. The Congress with a majority at the centre can afford to ask a senior political veteran and Congress loyalist like N.D. Tiwari to quit his post after the expose by ABN channel. Similarly, it is good to note that S.P.S Rathore’s cases will be revisited, his pension reduced and his president’s police medal stripped off.

However, for the mental trauma he inflicted on Ruchika and her family, his sentence of 6 months and a meagre 1000 buck fine is disgusting. Sadly for Ruchika’s family though, Rathore is 67 and even if he is given life imprisonment he may not live too long. Even so, is there a point in punishing someone who is utterly remorseless?


arun said...

Well not sure whom to blame in Ruchika's case either the system or the enforceing agency ? But INJUSTICE IS CERTAINLY BEEN TO RUCHIKA'S FAMILY there is no second thoughts..