December 1, 2009

A tale of two crashes

December 01, 2009 Posted by Vijay No comments
Note: All views expressed or concluded here are my own, and are a figment of my imagination and nothing else. If anything in this post makes sense to the reader, it is not my responsibility for any hallucination resulting out of such an exercise.

Two crashes in a week, has spiced up the tabloids especially in the U.S. So, the question is which is the spicier of the two ? Oh well, if one were to go by the nature of these crashes, one is metallic in nature and the other very wild. Though metallic is exaggerated from the term gate crash,  crashing into a tree certainly speaks of someone dying to be natural, even in a crash. Going by comparisons though, while the gate crash was inflicted at the White House by a couple obsessed with publicity, the tree crash by Tiger Woods was seemingly self inflicted.

Two spectra of society, one of a pure sports star celebrity who craves for privacy, while the other is a world leader, out to bring U.S economy out of its slump. Creditably though, both Tiger Woods and Barack Obama are certainly the best in their business. While in Obama's case, its a question mark and certainly a blot on the security cover at the White House, in Tiger Woods' case, its a question mark on his privacy.

The question here is, which is the more pertinent news item ? For sheer tabloid space, Woods' crash in the woods takes the cake. The mystery around the woods crash still rages on, with Tiger Woods withdrawing from his own golf tourney and coming out in the open, to take blame for the crash. Was this a pre-emptive measure before something more damaging in his personal life comes out in the open ? The Obama story is milder in terms of a need for publicity. There was a definite botch up and someone accountable or an equivalent scapegoat would be found and apprehended severely. But in Tiger's case, the mystery will add to his allurement as a sports superstar.

All said and done, I would imagine just a word 'crash' has resulted in two major events. If rumors are to be believed, Tiger Woods has apparently been having an extra marital affair with a cocktail waitress in Los Angeles. His enraged wife golf clubbed her way into him, forcing him to become one with nature, crashing into a tree. In Obama's case, was it that the gate was crashed because his affair with Manmohan Singh was disliked ? A security breach was probably hatched and the Salahis were allowed inside ? With so much of under cover work,  this could well have been a case to disrupt a friendly Obama Manmohan affair. Oh well, a tale of 2 crashes eh ?