December 29, 2009

Tharoor's Unfettered Tweets

December 29, 2009 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Tharoor is in news again for his tweeting antics. This time around he has tweeted on the strict VISA regulations following the Headley findings. Tharoor has aired his concerns on twitter, and this has not gone down well with SM Krishna. He has been pulled up, but Tharoor has once again tweeted on how he missed the whole brouhaha. Tharoor had earlier tweeted into the headlines for his cattle class remarks following the Congress' much publicized austerity drive.

Is Tharoor trying to woo an online audience which is supportive of his tweets? Or is he being too naive and not being sensitive about the reason for the strict VISA regulations. Tharoor maybe the tech savvy politician that India may have never had. But his online support will remain online. Only his offline support can win him elections. So, even if media channels showcase his tweet supports on twitter, ground reality will be totally different. The online audience in India is sadly one which remains online and will seldom wield its voting powers.

Tharoor, with all due credit probably knows what he is doing. It could well be a gimmick to garner media attention and stay in the news. But what is disturbing about this instance of objections to VISA regulations is the matter of national security. Tharoor needn't be explained to, about the circumstances surrounding the need for the strict VISA norms. If Headley can sneak into India multiple times, and questionably as a US agent who went rogue, then India has to be more cautious on VISA restrictions. If U.S. can do racial profiling, then India too can impose stricter VISA regulations atleast. I don’t see there being anything to be objected to.

The earlier instance was merely a remark on the austerity drive by Congress, calling politicians cattle class. It could have been a personal opinion and could have been pardoned. Is Tharoor so naive about Indian polity to believe that tweeting will win him support? Or is he being just a citizen and expressing his voice on an open platform? It certainly is arguable that, every politician is indeed a citizen too. So, why not air one's own opinions? The only caveat for a politician to take note of though is, that with great power comes great responsibility. Tharoor this time around has been anything but responsible.