August 22, 2012

Facebook to Phased Book

August 22, 2012 Posted by Vijay No comments
So why does FB irk me so much ? I can think of many reasons. Because - I don't have time, don't have the patience, don't have any interest at all. Just to name a few. Or I am falling behind the social media wave. Come to think of it, I access facebook out of peer pressure. Everyone's there, so I have to be there too. When I don't have anything else to do in life, I access FB. And it is not surprising that FB is slowly losing its charm. The age old human psyche is affecting FB too. Boredom ...

Facebook's stocks have taken a beating and the entire IPO seems like a farce now. Essentially FB is entirely relying on its users' time as capital for their stocks. As soon as boredom sets in, time spent on FB will vanish, and so will FB. Why is twitter still so tweet? Because its short and 140 sweet. It gives you a platform to be crisp, short, yet cryptic. While with FB, your whole life is out in the open. I don't use twitter myself a lot, but I prefer something shorter, lighter and faster. Its like the sms service on internet. Time spent is less, so boredom doesn't ever set in.

I still don't understand how it pays to reveal your life for everyone else to see. It invites trouble when you are not even aware. It is amusing, in the number of photos and humorous lines everyone shares. But when the shares and updates from everyone becomes a deluge, it becomes a burden to sift through them all. How many updates really matter? Do you care about updates from all your 500 friends? Or just the 100? Isn't social media just another way of shunning calls and even messaging?

In a way, FB like sites, force you to be so socially loud,  that you forget about personal touch. It becomes more about what can I do, which is worth updating in FB. Yes, it is easier to share with friends. But its not simple enough. In fact, sending an email seems so much more useful. I have the freedom to choose who to send to. It makes me happy that I am sending to someone important and choose them. Than in FB where all updates could end up with one and all. There is no sense of personalising your own updates.

Its sad our lives are so out in the open, that privacy is no more a choice. We live for others than ourselves. Maybe boredom can save us from all this. That might force us to spend more time on ourselves and our personal life, for the sake of investing there. I have obviously struggled through this article in terms of being coherent enough in the flow. But that's what happens after a break of 1 year from blogging. Better luck next time for me!