August 20, 2012

What a hiatus ...

August 20, 2012 Posted by Vijay No comments
I was so used to blogging, it really feels astonishing how long I have been away from this activity. Well, all this for very many obvious reasons ... and the signs of which began in April 2010. The almost unthinkable (up until then atleast) happened. Yes, I was tied into a unison for life. And the yield of it came around in January this year. If its too cryptic, forgive me :)

By now the internet has been facebooked into submission. I have been so far away from real world, that I have been away from many spicy stories, news headlines, atleast from a detailing aspect. And of course, the responsibilities at home kept increasing, and has now become a full time activity. What with little fingers and all :)

Still, I need to make an extra effort to restart those fond activities - blogging, photography, etc. Have stayed too far away and inertia has set in badly. Here is a fresh attempt - all over again. Hopefully I can turnover quick enough to feel happy and satisified at my blogging efforts. Hopefully India's censorship standards are still not as strict as those in China!