August 24, 2014

Uniquely Universal

August 24, 2014 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Univercell launched a unique mobile store experience last year. It meant to go out of the way to woo customers to the store via dedicated consumer focussed services, and not just mobile and accessory sales. Today I had the opportunity to visit the Univercell Sync at Indiranagar as part of the Indiblogger contest. The marketing manager for Univercell passionately walked us bloggers through the store explaining the uniqueness of the whole experience.

With the sync experience, it is a simplification of the multitude of choices in the mobile world. Many bloggers and tech enthusiasts probably know the different Mobile OS systems and the ecosystems surrounding them. So explaining choices and helping with buying decisions for a mobile is much easier to such an audience. That is not the case for those who are not tech savvy or who are mostly in the late 40s and the elderly.

Just like how internet has been a revolution, the mobile revolution has already taken the world by storm. And so much of technology at one's fingertips can be overwhelming for those without the knowledge. Univercell Sync offers the perfect platform to make the transition from a feature phone to a mobile phone easier, comfortable and secure for those seeking for a switch.  This audience will not know whether brand is more important, or the processor speed. Or is it the mobile ecosystem? Or do they prefer a longer battery life? Or a budget friendly device? The choices are so vast, it is a niche mobile market Univercell is aiming to tap into.

No doubt the idea is unique in Indian market and Univercell have made the perfect pitch. Mind you, the audience is primarily the less tech savvy audience. The services Univercell Sync offers include Total care and Sync Squad. While Total care takes care of any component replacement or repairs for an upfront payment (depending on the cost of the handset, the service fee varies) for free, Sync Squad helps multiple devices in a home environment sync between each other seamlessly. All this via personally assisted technicians who help with the whole process. Overall, it helps build Univercell's brand and also promotes it as a consumer service focused mobile dealer.

There are different zones in the shop, like the Music zone, which exclusively showcases mobiles which are the best for music, along with necessary audio accessories which amplify the listening experience. Again, a brilliant thought to simplify the choice of a mobile purchase. There are other zones like tablet zones which exclusively are for those looking for a tablet purchase. Amidst all the amazing gadgets the store has, there are some very useful tidbits at every such zone like apps, mobile OS, battery tips and so on. And there are so many technical staff present in the store, so one will never be short of tech help.

It is also a great place to experience the greatest and best gadgetry, with the latest mobiles on display. Be it the HTC One M8 or Galaxy 5 or the latest Samsung tablets. It was delightful to see the customer friendly staff as well. Some nice additions which would enhance the experience would be a gaming zone and another exclusively for phablets. From what I saw today at the store it holds tremendous potential and first class customer service.