September 4, 2014

Indiantity Crisis

September 04, 2014 Posted by Vijay No comments
Looks like the new BJP government has made all other political parties introspect their true identity. Though polarisation is often associated with BJP and the RSS, it looks more a case of refusal to come out of the English colonial role. As much as I am proud of my religious beliefs and traditions, it is inappropriate to force these upon anyone. And though there have been instances quoted and reported in the media, India as a nation has a unique national fabric of whole hearted acceptance. And that makes me feel immensely proud.

What BJP has done, increasingly so with a majority mandate now, is forcing everyone to introspect. Honestly, it does make me feel upset and sad that the political parties still fight over minorities who are well under 20% of India's population. It almost seems as if the remaining 80% have been sidelined and taken for granted all these years. If we are being told that we are a Hindu nation, going by majority it is probably a true statement. Being tolerant doesn't mean that India should continue doling out freebies and overtures to the minorities till eternity.

In this context I find it amusing to note that state governments in the country do not like celebrating Guru Utsav. But are fine to celebrate 'Teacher's day' ? It almost sounds a refusal to accept one's true identity, and insistence on clinging to the age old colonial past. Either as Indians we accept a national language and follow Guru Utsav, or the very least call it by the regional language. Not harp on terming Guru Utsav as BJP's attempt at forcing their agenda across states. If anything, governments like Tamil Nadu should rename it according to Tamil language.

Such instances are a true reflection of identity crisis brought upon by 6 decades of total neglect of the majority and insistence on vote bank politics There is nothing wrong in embracing one's religion and culture. But to hide it behind the garb of secularism  is to disown one's own roots. I just wish we as a nation grow up and accept that there is a true majority population and truly respect that. Right now it seems that if we refuse owning up to being a majority hindu nation we automatically qualify as secular.