May 3, 2015

No Stealth For Health

May 03, 2015 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
What an irony, that smartwatches which are built for tracking health information, are still so far away from the complicated structure that the human body is. Apple confirmed that Apple watch doesn't track heart rate if there is a tattoo on the wrist. It's actually funny and amusing that such a simple yet deceptive use case escaped Apple, the most valuable company in the world.

Smart watches seem to be just a fad, just like how tablets flooded the market and are being overtaken by phablets. The only thing smatwatches may do is drive humans become paranoid about their health and woes, or in other cases gloat about their health quotient. Of course the argument could be the fact that it can track potential risks or sudden episodes of an attack or so on. But such is the complexity of the human body, that there is only so much that a smart watch can do.

Add to it the fact that even a tattoo can resist a smart watch being fully functional, questions the  device of its authenticity of the readings. What if a developer witfully manipulates heart rate readings or such using an app he hosts on a smartwatch. It is enough to drive the user nuts and have nightmares. That alone might actually cause issues to the end user, forget the watch itself.

Now we have a smartwatch to track heart rate, calories, pressure etc. In time, we will have 'waist' band to track strains and muscle pulls, And maybe even a nose ring band, to track if there is running nose, with predictions like - "Today there are 80% chances of precipitation inside. Keep a kerchief handy". Or a Fart watch, which helps the user with predictions of farting time and the toxicity of it. Imagine of you are in a lift, with the Fart watch, the user can trigger an alarm for the others in the lift saying "Nose Alert, nose alert". Or if it detects just decibels, it could alert saying - "Boom boom alert".

Come to think of it, just like how our online data is not private anymore (what with facebook, whatsapp and loads of other snooping apps), even our fart times and running nose updates will be available for data brokers. Soon there will be a fart timeline, and a running nose timeline. With live updates going to all friends, it will help friends and relatives avoid visiting the unfortunate user. Soon enough, every fart watch user or nose ring user, will have to send out invites with their latest health updates and medication undertaken before confidently inviting for a party.

Oh for the digitally connected world. Information explosion is soon becoming a playground for all and sundry who can claim to be a competent app developer or company. Nor is location private, nor our phone numbers, and soon neither our own health. A fart in faraway Papua new guinea can be diagnosed in Antartica and any other place you name it. Talk about how powerful technology is. Technology delivers sound waves and the smell of it far into hinterlands, where even the winds of nature can't do. 


Vinod Sankaranarayanan said...

That is interesting. Checking if someone is sniffle proof or fart proof before inviting them over.