December 31, 2015

AAP - Always Attacks PM

December 31, 2015 Posted by Vijay , No comments
The last post of the year, and I have been itching to write about this for the past many weeks. A CM who refuses to cow down to the centre and insists his fight is always with the PM of the country. At least that is what Kejriwal wants the nation to believe. From the time he (in)famously staged a protest on the eve of Republic Day when he himself was the Delhi CM to plummeting to shameful lows of calling the prime minister of his own nation a psychopath, I have never felt so irritated, annoyed, with any other human being, than with Kejriwal.

It is quite sad that Delhi didn't have a real choice after the Congress, and BJP didn't really make the cut for them. Delhi believed in Kejriwal's apology for having run away from Chief Ministership in his first stint, and now is badly stuck with the most irritating politician of India today IMHO. Irritating not just as a CM, but also just as a human being. He towers among the most self proclaimed self righteous humans, who believes - if anyone in the country is not on his side, they are all corrupt.

I don't even need to get into the politics of it really. No one really does. If anything goes wrong in Delhi, it is only because the state machinery is not in his control. Tomorrow if the Kejriwal's toilet clogs, he might blame that the centre wants to sabotage his drainage system. Much like how the ongoing revolt against suspension of 2 senior officers ahead of the odd-even driving rule in Delhi is being blamed as an attempt to make the odd even rule fail. This is the most hilarious and amusing statements one could ever think of.

What is most disturbing is the never-ending trend of blaming the central government and the insistence of pulling the PM into all the issues the AAP is facing. Armed with a phenomenal majority in the Delhi assembly, the AAP has completely lost it. That Kejriwal is self obsessed is probably a gross understatement. The examples are for all to see. If the CBI raids the office of Kejriwal's secretary, it is assumed it is at the behest of the PM no less. If his law minister has a fake degree, he will insist it's a fabricated case. So basically, Kejriwal, as he repeatedly has showcased, can apparently do no wrong.

Kejriwal even politicized the most sensitive news of a farmer hanging himself during AAP's own rally. Once again, he would blame the police and hence the Centre for the tragedy that unfolded even as the rally was going on. It is so embarrassing to even call him the Chief Minister, that too of the capital of India. For all the anti corruption crusade that Kejriwal stood for, those seem to have completely evaporated.

Once he got intoxicated with limitless power, and found that Delhi citizens are forgiving enough, he has avoided administering Delhi, and instead resorted to politics which are not cheap or dirty. It is not even politics. For me, it is sheer immature, childish behavior from a CM who is scared of doing his job. The perfect way to run away from accountability and doing one's own job is to keep blaming others or in this case, more conveniently take the prime minister's name for anything which goes wrong in Delhi.

Kejriwal was voted into vast majority probably more for his IIT alumni credentials than anything else. His education got him chief ministership, while Rahul Gandhi's s(h)ad(y) academic past means he is burdened with the responsibility of a flailing and failing Congress which is always protesting for survival these days. Kejriwal is undoubtedly the spoilt brat of Indian politics. The only difference between him and Rahul is education. Ironically, both of them are eventually doing the same thing these days. Blaming the PM and the BJP for everything that is wrong and goes wrong.

BTW - Please watch out for a breaking news tomorrow 'Kejriwal blames Modi for his constipation woes'.

Note - My views are not an endorsement of my political inclinations. These are purely personal views.