July 24, 2006

Bravo Media !!!

July 24, 2006 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
First of all, I would like to share a good news with you all, that this is my hundredth post, during my blogging stint of a little over a year. I still can't believe I could write almost 8 posts per month !! Anyways, let's come to the more important matter which my post seeks to address.

A fifty hour ordeal in a well of a child hardly 6 years old, came to light all over the country in the weekend that went by. Prince, got stuck in a well on Friday evening in the state of Haryana. Well, well it was, and a child it was, and rescued he had to be, and so he was, by no less than the army itself. Bravo Indian Army !! Kudos to you !! For it was not an easy task to carefully get Prince out from the well, without the sand covering him up even as there was a tunnel being dug out from another nearby well to reach little Prince. And the media as always was there. To cheer on the rescuers, to show how agonising a wait it was for Prince's parents, and all the while giving coverage of the rescue effort.

End result ? Two days of coverage for Prince, like a Star born overnight, and front page headlines today read, how Prince was finally rescued. For God's sake, isn't there other important bits of news to cover ? Media seems to be following a trend wherein people are only interested in the smaller things in life. True, amidst all the chaos and bloodhsed of the war in Lebanon and the Storms in China, a successful rescue of a little boy brings in a lot of happiness. But for the whole country to pray for Prince and then to be as far as being well wished by the PM himself is nothing short of being ridiculous.

What is appalling is, that the media all of a suddne have forgot the Evacuation efforts of the Indian navy of stranded Indian nationals in battered Lebanon. And this took second priority to the sensationalised Prince Rescue. Fathom this. TWO lakh for Prince's family after the rescue, and Rs 51000 for the army officials involved in the rescue. Pray, isn't that the duty of the Army if not the common man to save the life of a young soul ? Not that the efforts need be discredited. But I don't think this is hardly more than the money given to the Mumbai blast victims ! And to give 2 lakh to the child who eventually got rescued is quite disgusting a think that the Haryana CM has done. Opportunists ?? Who isn't an opportunist here. I can see the Media as the top most culprits at opportunism, then the Governmment, then come even the Army !

What has happened of the Mumbai Blasts investigation ? While the rescue was being aired 24 hours at a stretch, the evacuation efforts by the Indian Navy was commendable. For the simple reason that, India lent a helping hand to the needful Sri Lankan and Nepalese nationals stranded in Lebanon, even as all other countries were more concerned about their own nationals. Did this not warrant far far more importance than this rescue act ? Grow up Media.... look around what India does, if you are from the Indian based media service. Look at what happened of the Mumbai blast victims. And pray, politicians, grow up, money need not be wasted on someone who eventually ot rescued !! Gimme a break !!!!


Anonymous said...

.eda Vijay!!!
the article was on expected lines and what suddenly transpired between u and Satan mid-way, that u turned into a sharp antagonist!
the media did sensationalize it, but for a good reason, i would say!.the boy was saved
..and when did 2 lakhs become 'too much'? the boy n the army and viewers too went thru a lot and i'm glad that the CM kept the spirits high at the end.
..a human life is priceless! (kinda infinite)
u cant say that 10 lives are more precious than 1 life! ( infinity = 10*infinity)

-Luv, Sinoi