July 12, 2006

A Day To Pray ..

July 12, 2006 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
I never thought my 98th post would be about another tragedy, just like no one involved in yesterday's tragedy would have known what is in store for them. Sadly, there has been no respite to the terror attacks, and increasingly so in India. Mumbai has had a very tough last 10 days, with people who barely recovered from the rains, and then a quite unnecessary bandh by a political party, and then, on top of all of this, a major terror attack on its local train commuter network.

Just as I was seeing some gory pictures on the television, it struck me I should write a post, condemning these cowardly and dastardly acts. But then I thought, am I not doing the same mistake what the media is doing ? Just that I am sensationalising through a medium which is still in its nascent stages of growth. I realised, getting hits on your blog is similar to having more TRP for your new channel. That, I guess is what human nature is, opportunism, which is not wrong, but at times of tragedy, not the right thing. But this post is only to pray for the bereaved souls and to give solidarity to all Mumbaikars.

I again come to the point about the media, and its opportunistic nature. It's all fine to provide helpline numbers and provide sms service to stranded people. But it is not fine to telecast pictures of mayhem and death on national television. It gives a picture of the bad shape of the administration and the city in question. This is not the time to sensationalise, but to help, and give more strength and resolve. A good thing that I observed was the extent of the coverage, which involved as to how all the Mumbaikars came together in this tragic event to help each other. That is something I really admire and appreciate. This inspires more people to give that extra drop of blood, which can be life saving, the shelter, the expenses. And that is what is required more than anything. News can be covered, but it can also be done, once the city recovers.

And for the people of Mumbai, who have shown such resilience, after last year's floods and these recent events, I have nothing but admiration. I believe Mumbai is showing the whole country, what India is, what Indian resilience means, and how ineffective any acts of terror can be for India's unity. All of India is with Mumbai, and such tragic events gives more strength and belief amongst the whole of India, to face any disaster be it small or big.

What is sadly disappointing, is that lives are lost because of man made disasters and not natural ones. It is almost as if, humans can control the existence of life. Almost as if, fate and destiny have no real play in life. It is said, you never know when life will end. But life to be ended because of the evil designs of humans ? I would not call it fate. I think, for all what has happened , there are individuals who are responsible, and they should be punished. What these evil forces do not realise is, time is running out, and so is patience for all those who are affected by them. Intolerance has set in so much, that once these evil forces get captured, the whole country will want nothing but death sentence for them. And these forces should realise, that the more they attack , more the resolve and strength that a united country will gain. Beware evil forces , time is running out for you !!


Sarita Shekhar said...

Yeah, I agree with you. Sometimes the media is wrong by showing the dismal and only a wee bit of the spirit of the Mumbaikars..