April 23, 2007

Pointless, Meandering Rubbish !

April 23, 2007 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
It is not difficult to get one's mind shrouded with thoughts. Atleast that is not very difficult for me. As a warning, I must tell the reader that what follows will have no sense or conclusion or opinion. These are thoughts which run deep, not skin deep or neck deep, but which tries to delve into the psyche of the present, past and the future, to an extent.

Starting with the tragic Virginia Tech killings, it was shocking to see how one person could massacre 33 people in a span of 3-4 hours. Following the news about CNN investigation report, it seemed that Cho the killer had had previous mental illness problems. He was declared as mentally ill in 2005 by a court. But that didn't prevent him from getting license for the guns which would be responsible for pumping in bullets into 33 innocent lives.

Why am I confused, though what I told above was straightforward ? Because, I am lost for words. This post is as meaningless as they get, but when one watches the media attention that the greatest Indian Actor's son's marriage gets, I fail to understand what else is news in India. Even when the trafficking by an MP was supposed to be the news of the nation, media was busy covering the wedding events unfolding at Prateeksha. Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai have been called Abhiash. India cannot ever stop copying how foreign paparazzi refers to alliances in the glitz world. Following in the same footsteps as their contemporaries in U.S called Tom Cruise's and Kate Moss's wedding as TomKat, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship as Branjelina. Terrible to see Indian media copying without shame. Abhiash it seems.
I can derive conclusions out of Abhiash. Abhi-ash ? As in right now in Ashes ?
OR AB Ash ? It seems as if a drunkard is calling out As as Ash. Now, I can myself feel a void in my mind which makes me realise that my deviation from the nonsensical intention of this blog needs to be focussed upon.

So, when Cho had accomplished a feat no other would dare do, it questions the violence of the human mind ? What caused the mental illness ? Or was it something which could have been avoided ? Maybe not. If one were to go by what destiny has in store for those killed, maybe not. If that were the case, any person dying is meant to die, in those circumstances. Just the way Abhishek Bacchan and Aiswarya Rai were destined to get married, despite various combinations of would be brides like Ranu Mukherji.

It is funny, as I write, I am trying to catch up with my own train of thoughts. I almost feel dizzy trying to catch up with them. Its almost as if thoughts run faster than light itself. Maybe it needs some research to be proven so. But Cho when he murdered, had planned out what and how to do. People blame the government and the crime branch for not tracking the profiles of those who are inclined towards violent acts. There would be abherrations of the human mind. Just like how a mad elephant runs amok, there can always be a possibility that society inflicted scars can leave indelible marks of the negative kind in the human mind. That probably is what drived Cho into causing the large scale tragedy.

Even as the victims of the Virginia Tech are recovering from the schok of a week ago, Abhi and Ash have joined hands to herald a new future for themselves. I must here again remind the user, that what he is reading right now, has no relation whatsoever. But connecting these two aspects of life doesn't take too long does it ? But, my only concern for Abh and Ash is that their private life is left as private. I fear a day when their first night might also get as much publicity. If every move of a cine star is watched and followed, every move in the cozy mattress between a newly wed couple could slo be the topic of dicussion sooner than later. Please, spare them the blushes a,d don't go around with the sting operations to prove that something is not right in their marriage.

It is an irony. Apparently, the Bacchan family had all the space and time to get the crowds cleared in order to have their darshan in Tirupathi. But the devotees had to wait for their turn for over three hours. The media indeed jumped in, and covered it in full length. While the hype of a Bacchan wedding is given ample attention, their worship at Tirupathi has to be covered with a pinch of salt. giving a free reign to the media is what can make all this happen. All the publicity for all the right reasons in Prateeksha, but special VIP entrance at Tirupathi is not something Bacchans deserve. Pray, then why on earth even cover the wedduing so much ?

The reason why I remain confused through this post is yet unclear. The sentence which I wrote before this one, bears more confusion than clarity to what a human can deem as confusing. Maybe it is an art of killing time. Or maybe it is just the fact that I am trying to raise an issue but not able to do so with the right view points. But when neither is the intent of a write up, what is the need to even write about it ?

More in my next.


soma said...

hey tht was great...yu knw wht this is wht is called being creative,doing an article out of nothing but a confused mind...keep writing n posting...