April 4, 2007

Sources Change Courses !

April 04, 2007 Posted by Vijay No comments
Washing dirty linen in public. Sources Say, Sources say... Over the past week or so, lot of relaible sources have been leaking and giving information for our famed media channels. Now, who these sources are God alone knows. So, the very wod called source probably gives the press the freedom to bandy abotu anything and everything. Well, maybe I am being too harsh. But when sources keep giving insinuations of one about another, in the ongoing Greg Chappell V/S Players saga, one fails to understand if these sources are even worth the sound bytes.

Indian media has categorically announced to the entire nation that Indian Cricket has touched its lowest ebb. Come on, how often have we heard the same headline ? Match Fixing brought the same headlines, so did the Chapell-Ganguly face off. Either the media channels need to get a new headline or should just shut their mouth and not float around information which only sources have in hand. That India fared poorly is known to every cricket enthusiast. And no one can hide behind and shift blame on to someone else. But, this precisely is what the media is projecting to the nation.

It is obvious that the media wants the viewers to keep the TRPs high for their channels, so spice up Indian Cricket's poor showing with a new sop opera - Chappell V/S The Boys. Even before the World Cup report has been tabled to the BCCI by the coach and manager, the media has got hold of every possible angle which can give a dramatic twist to the turn of events.
My point is, some senior players are under tremendous pressure to perform, and probably have their places in the national squad threatened. Why Chappell wants to call a group of Indian cricketers a mafia, is a mystery to everyone. However, when he did question the attitude of Sachin Tendulkar whose place is also threatened in the team, it hurt him badly.

I have always believed that Sachin is a player for records and not for the team, unlike Dravid. Sachin is probably the most selfish cricketer in the world. It is sad, but he has used his statistics as a weapon to earn money in crores of rupees and retain his place. But when he is in trouble finally, because f his non-performance, Sachin has reacted.

Sachin probably fears that the Chappell report, as reported by the sources, could have more to it than just questioning his attitude. If the report is tabled, with the non-performing Sachin under the scanner, there is no doubt that Sachin will certainly lose his place in the squad. This is precisely the reason why he has gone public and lashed at Greg Chappell. If Sachin was confident of his performances and his attitude he would not have had to give any defensive statements. Now that he indeed has given such statements, he has indirectly proved that what Chappell has said is true.

Maybe Chappell has been harsh. Maybe he is tough to communicate to. But what has come out of his reports and leaks is the insecurity of the famed Indian cricketers. After all this drama, Chappell may still leave the coaching job of Indian Cricket. But one thing is certain. Sachin's reputation as one who plays for the team has been questioned, and his actions on the field will be even more scrutinised. Surely, Sachin is in big trouble and is going to have a tough time keeping his place safe in the Indian Team. 5 years back no one would even have dreamt of such a thing happening !