May 6, 2007


May 06, 2007 Posted by Vijay No comments
Strange, that the Indian word Asana can actually be dissected and re-modified as A$$-Ana, yet the meaning remains the same. Though the actual meaning in Sanskrit is seat, it of course is something where we need to be using our rear most a$$et on.

Strange, the more we look at it, the more obvious the commonality of a$$ in a$$et and a$$ana. That, my friends is precisely where I want to bring your attention to. Not to be vulgar or offensive as to bring your attention to that specific treasured a$$et. But when a programme is dedicated to whether a famed cricketer is doing the right a$$ana (notice my dollar sign usage. It is meant specifically to hide the obvious reference I mean to make), wouldn't one want to get frustrated, irritated, angry and upset at the time wasted at prime time 9:30 p.m on a Saturday ?

Clearly, Headlines Today doesn't seem to have any news of substance to talk about other than Sachin's A$$anas. It was hilarious to watch the anchor rope in a Yoga expert and give a demonstration of what Sachin is not doing right. It was all action, for a change, but it was clear. Sachin wasn't doing it right, and of course, as a result, the Yoga Instructor of Sachin's wasn't giving the right guidance. Mind you, this also probably meant that the instructor who appeared on the channel would get a shot at getting into the Indian Cricket Team as an instructor !

Let us dig in deeper at what the programme aimed to achieve. "Is Sachin Doing The Right Asanas". Well, the entire nation which is watching Headlines Today, is supposed to watch this programme and convey this message to Sachin. Sachin your a$$ is not doing it right. Was Sachin who it is meant to address, even aware of such a programme ? Only Sachin knows. What does the viewer get out of such a programme ? Junk, Zilch, whatever you want to call it as(s).

I don't want to make any bones about my utter disbelief and frustration at the worthlessness of such prime time programmes. That is precisely what I wanted to convey through a shrouded veil of dollar $ign$. For God's sake, lets leave the cricketers to themselves. The Indian media is hell bent on hyping every minuscule movement of a cricketer's body ? Goodness gracious. I only hope they don't do a sting operation to find out whether all's well in their marital life too !!