May 25, 2007

So Much For Saunf ..

May 25, 2007 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
Saunf, the mouth freshener. Saunf, the natural digestive herb. Its become common practise across Indian hotels to provide bowls of Saunf to apparently calm the bowels of the customers. Though customers do crib about the alarming prices in good places to eat at, it now seems as an avengeful act when saunf is placed for free consumption.

At my office cafeteria, I have noticed atleast two instances when the tender palm of a female employee clasped the digestive enzyme in its physical existence in full capacity. My friend and I wondered whether that would serve as her dinner for the day. This is more so with the minted/sweetened saunf. Saunf is Aniseed/Fennel seeds, which are consumed after meals. But the customers at hotels vent their anger (I know its only exaggeration and not the truth) and avenge the huge bill amount by consuming saunf in spoons (and not spoon).

I don't wish to be a hypocrite. So I do admit I have done the same. But a palmful of saunf for the bowel ? Never. But hey, I do realise 2 spoonfuls is almost the same as a palmful anyway. So maybe, I have been the culprit at times. But I have not been so blatant as to carry a palmful around for long. Leaving aside the craze for saunf, it is indeed used as a fragrant spice to flavour pickles, chutneys and curries. Even confectioneries have piggybacked on its craze by coming up with saunf flavoured candies too.

N.B. Our caterers have decided to serve saunf as a separate meal at our cafeteria. (Of course I am kidding !!)


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Ur saga for 'Saunf' is smitten with some minute observations..that too involving some females ;-) what about the other side of the coin?