May 30, 2007

A paradox called BCCI

May 30, 2007 Posted by Vijay No comments
Rahul Dravid recently raised concerns of the crammed international schedule of Indian Cricket Team. the sub continental teams have always been prone to injuries, and it is not an unknown fact that this is more so due to the lack of athleticism amongst these teams. On top of this, if the schedule itself for the team gets jam packed, it becomes much more difficult to field the best team on the field. Even otherwise, with the best team on field India struggles to put up respectable performances. With injuries to major players, especially bowlers this becomes doubly difficult.

The Indian team is jamp packed with matches. Matches in Ireland against South Africa, followed by a one off match against Pakistan. Then the tour of England, followed by the ICC Twenty/20 World Championship in South Africa. Wait, its not over. Even I am taking a break, because this will be followed by a 7 match ODI series with Australia at home, then a tour of Pakistan with 3 Tests and 5 ODIs, and finally the tour of Austraila which would involve 4 tests and an ODI tri-series. Phew, If writing this down is difficult, one can imagine how tough it can be on the players.

On the one hand the BCCI re-iterates that the schedule is not crammed, on the other it has suggested that an extra tour game before the tour of Australia is not possible to be shceduled due to lack of time ! How ridiculously contradictory can any sporting organisaction can be ? It is well known that Indian teams anyway struggle abroad. If the Indian team does want to try and put in a better performance with extra tour games, that too is not being allowed ! Really, there is only one way for Indian Cricket in this way. Down !