June 6, 2007

Celerity In Celebrity

June 06, 2007 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Bloggers can't have enough of media bashing. But I am sure all bloggers agree that it is wonderful that a subtle medium like blogging can keep the media on it's toes. Quite honestly though, the media is too strong for a medium such as blog, atleast as of today. So when I embark on yet another worthless coverage of a drug issue related to a celebrity, one can't but wonder what happened to the fresh memory of the violence in Rajasthan ? What happened of the Goa elections which just got over. What happened of the World Environment Day of yesterday ?

Forgotten by the media, thrust upon the viewers was the drug possession by a supposed celebrity, DJ Aqeel. Pray, with all due respect to Aqeel and his achievements, when did he get the "celebrity" tag ? Caught in the Dubai airport for possession of 0.4g of Ecstacy, Aqeel could face serious charges. This happened on World Environment Day, and the media, did after all get the opportunity to make Aqeel a celebrity. It is quite true. The more the controversy around an individual, the more famous the personality.

I was watching the 11:30 p.m show on entertainment on NDTV, with Himesh Reshammiya talking about his foray into acting with his movie Aapka Surroor. By Jove, didn't he love the media attention. The fact that he is cap-less for a few minutes in the movie is cause for a lot of attention ! Incredible , but true !

Similar is the case with the celebrity farmers of India. You are right, we are talking about none other than the Big B and Perfectionist Khan. Amitabh Bacchan should honestly have seen this coming, especially after his campaign for UP elections fell flat and gave way for Mayawati to start her political games. It is politics galore in India, but more on the lines of personal vendetta. Mayawati aiming guns at Mulayam, and Karunanidhi at Jayalalitha. But when celebrities come into picture, they steal the thunder from right under the Rajes, the Mayas and the Karunas. No wonder they get into the business of nosing in the celebrities' lives itself.

While Amitabh Bacchan is ready to face the law if accused of wrongly possessing land by claiming as a farmer, Aamir Khan has gone a step ahead and declared that he indeed is a farmer. These events are hotting up the competition amongst media channels. Who will get the exclusive footage of Aamir Khan tilling his land ? Who will do the sting operation on Amitabh Bacchan to prove that he is faking his claims of being a farmer. So much scope of sensationalism I say ! As for me, I can wait to blog the next media event. Our News TV Channels are the real source of entertainment these days.

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