June 12, 2007

Vacant Reservation

June 12, 2007 Posted by Vijay No comments
While the Gujjars are now facing the wrath of the Government in Rajashthan, the democracy of India is giving rise to more voices demanding reservation. Rajasthan Brahmins now have demanded for quota on economic grounds. With India clocking economic growth rates of over 9%, it will be fun watching India go back to it's caste based culture. So, India would become an oxymoron of sorts. Maybe we could call India - Forward Looking Backwards. That this is happening is honestly not a surprise. With more people coming under the SC/ST & OBC quota, the remaining poor sections of society would feel they are hard done by. Being not economically sound, is enough for them to demand a right for a quota for their own. Which precisely is what should have been done, or still can be done. Alas, that is not the case, and India would be 100% reserved in a few years to come. Ironically that would solve matters too !

It is funny how the quota matter is boomeranging on those who conceptualised it. It is taking a turn for the worse. Offering reservation to the SC/ST, OBC has now led to more people requesting that they be tagged as backward too. Someone said it right, that India would probably be the only country where people want to have a backward status. And they don't mind it, do they ? While the Indian economy progresses, the Indian Society regresses. Indians a re embarrassing themselves, mainly due to the fact that there is no dignity of labour in India, unlike in the United States.

While Ford has nothing to do with reservation or quotas being demanded, he is certainly in the limelight for the simple reason that he rejected the BCCI's offer of coaching the Indian Cricket Team. As a result he has left the reservation he had, vacant once again. BCCI, in keeping up with the Indian Bureaucratic standards and it's own arrogance about being the richest cricketing body, was game enough to announce Ford as the Indian Coach, without first verifying with his availability. The BCCI and maybe even the players are bent upon getting a coach, so that there will always exist a scapegoat for Indian Cricket's establishment and cricketers. For any losses, blame it on the coach. For any victory, credit it to the cricketers. Handing a one year contract to coach the Indian cricket team, with a neighbouring cricket nation's coach being murdered in the middle of the world cup, can give any prospective coach cold feet. If BCCI thinks that a one year contract would be accepted by a foreign coach, they have got it all wrong.

On the one hand the BCCI insists in a foreign coach, because they bring in discipline and work with the boys closely, on the other, they want quick fix solutions in a matter of a year. One of the prime reasons why Ganguly's team was successful until 2005 was because John Wright was the coach of the team for almost 5 years. That is the amount of time a coach can really make a difference to a team. Though one can always argue, is there a need for a coach at all ?

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