June 6, 2005


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Guess what that symbol implies ? Yes Yes, it is Indeed our Bollywood Movie, Bunty Aur Babli. Now before I give a review of the movie in detail I would like to share some lighter moments. I took my parents to the movie at the PVR Cinema Hall on Friday, June 3rd. We were all expectant and I had booked the tickets for the 7 O'clock show. We took the seats 5,6,7 in the N'th row, with me seated in 5, mom beside me and father , in 7. Well, the seats beside me, 3,4 were vacant and I was hoping a pretty young gal would come a sit beside me. I spoke about my wish to my parents. Well, guess what ?? A pretty young thing did after all sit beside me. Only that she was a bit young, too young should I say ? A FIVE YEAR OLD ??!! My parents couldn't stop laughing !!

Anyways, coming to the movie, with the star cast of the Big B , Abhishek Bacchan and Rani Mukherjea. It showed lot of promise at the beginning stages.But only then did I find out that the movie had more of songs and background score than any discernible content.It was zero percent content in the first half. Rani Mukherjea has tried to overact and she has succeeded where she cries so much that, any parent would have locked her in a room for hours !

Bunty(Abhishek) and Babli(Rani) are actually two young things out to make it big in the cities, because of their discontent with the life in the village called FursathGanj. Their names in the movie is Rakesh and Wimmy.They meet at a station and Rakesh, comes up with an idea of cheating people of money and instead saying that it was Bunty and Babli who does it. I still wonder, how on earth is it that, though it was Bunty and Babli who did it, are the people who cheated in the movie, so dumb as to not be able to identify with the face of the 2 ? Anyways, thats what the story is about. And then steps in the Big B in an attempt to salvage the lost cause of the movie.Sadly even his talent has been wasted. He is the DCP , Dasrath Singh, who wears the same black jacket day in and day out for a period of more than 6 months to unravel the mystery that is Bunty and Babli.

The movie does have good songs, music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy of the Kal Ho Na Hoo, Dil Chaahta Hai fame. There is even Aishwarya Rai who appears in an item number , Kajra Re, sung by the evergreen Alisha Chinai. The song has been picturised beautifully and so has been the song, Nach Baliye, choreographed by Shiamak Dawar. There is also a passing one liner in the movie for the latest offering from the Maruti Suzuki stable, Swift. So Maruti Swift also gets a mention !! Way to go. Sadly, the movie fails to live upto the fans' expectation. Good Idea, badly implemented.

My rating ? : - 2/5
Watchable ? : -Not Really


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