June 23, 2005

Shambles ..

June 23, 2005 Posted by Vijay No comments
Do you know the meaning of the word shambles ? Alright, it does mean , a condition of great disorder. But did you know that the word shambles can either be used in the plural sense OR the singular sense ? Well, apparently yes. Another interesting fact is that this word's usage is quite different. Let's look at how it has to be used in sentences:

My world is a shambles.

There are many other words for which the singular form ends in "s", but their plurals too are identical to their singular form. Shambles is one such.

Note: There does exist a word called shamble too, which has a totally different meaning - "walking with a slow dragging action".And it's plural is NOT shambles.Words, words words, they can be so very tricky eh ?