June 6, 2005

Justin Hardenne Henin ..

June 06, 2005 Posted by Vijay 3 comments
It seemed it was Always-in Hardened Henin and not Just-in Hardenne Henin at the Roland Garros Centrecourt on Saturday. She did not seem to miss any of her shots and Mary Pierce at the other side seemed clueless to the array of groundstrokes that Henin had at her disposal. Mary Pierce was totally out of sorts. I personally wanted Henin beaten for she defeated my verry own adorable Maria Sharapova :( though I am more keen on Ayesha Takia these days(Sharapova comes in a close second :D). But really, Henin was unstoppable.

Mary Pierce seemed to make a comback in the early stages of the second set.But it seemed more a blemish in Henin's game than a raise in Pierce's game. Henin went on to wrap the match in just over an hour's time, 6-1,6-1. This is her second French Open Crown.


Nettie said...

I'd love to see some of your parodies.

Vijay said...

Ahh !! There in lies the problem .. Not big .. but just smaal .. actually, i am more into Bollywood songs , and hindi songs. Therefore and also , not too much into English ones :( .. Hence the blocker .. But I did check out ur blog .. its impressive alrite !! :)

Aslan said...

Its Justine, I think.. yes, the little Belgian is just incredible. I wonder where those blasting backhands come from her frail body. But yes, she's been working the weights recently and building up some serious mass in those muscles.. Pierce is useless. Sharapova.. hmm, I supported her for Wimby [she's easily the most attractive player in womens' (ah, notice the apostrophe usage again ;) tennis ever] against the Williams' sisters- they're just inhuman man. n' I was overjoyed when Maria won. But her grunts are way too loud man. I didn't have anything against Seles when she did so, n' I guess I shouldn't have anything against Maria either. But J H-H is very deserving indeed. I'm happy she won. Poor Pierce tho'. What a temptation for the French crowd..