June 10, 2005


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Sorry. The title for the posting was just to catch your attention. Now that I have already captured your attention, why not hang on till this post is over ?? :D

Saw D yesterday .. For all those who are new to Indian Movies, its a Bollywood Movie.And there have been controversies surrounding it, as to whether it is a take on the life of Dawood Ibrahim, an Underworld Don, wanted in India, apparently absconding in Pakistan. There were rumours about threat calls to the producer of the movie, Ram Gopal Verma. Its been seen lately that, one way of giving curiosity to the movie going audience and the public alike is by raising controversies about a movie, like what happened with Ek Chhoti Si Love Story starring Manisha Koirala.But such attempts have more often than not failed. This seems no different.

The movie itself runs on a predictable line of the movie Company, directed by Ram Gopal Verma. Very predictable and very much inspired the Company. The new actor(dont mind, i dunno the name) has done a decent job but, the movie fails to appeal to the audience. Only good thing is that its not a long drawn movie like the other Bollywood movies. Less songs and the movie gets over in 2 hrs. But otherwise, the movie is not worth watching

Interestingly, unlike the Ram Gopal Verma productions, Yash Raj Production Movies seem to be clicking.While Yash Raj Movies ar more inclined to romantic tales/masala movies, Ram Gopal Verma produced movies are more into violence and horror. Wonder if the tastes can swap and then it should be fun how each of the production house makes the movies then.

My Rating on D : 2/5
Watchable : Not Really