June 22, 2005

Cross Dimensions

June 22, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
Roads in India. Uff. Trafficky, right ? Well, Bangalore ? SURELY !! But, just observed something which I thought I should blog. When we have to cross a junction, which is a 3-way one or a 4 way one, how do we do it ? Some might cross over to the other side, along the middle of the junction, and some others along the side. When you cross through the middle, you have to concentrate on 3 dimesions( for a 3-way junction) and 4 dimensions (for a 4-way junction).Because in the 3 way junction you have to take care of the vehicles coming from behind you, and from the left and right of your side. And in the case of the 4 way junction, you have to concentrate on vehicles coming from behind, in front, left and right of your side.Phew. That essentially means you have to have the capacity of turning your head 360 degrees !! :D Just Kidding. But this is the case when you cross the junction along the middle.

But you can always reduce the concentration, the confusion and the risk of crossing by just restricting your view to 2 dimensions, that is to your left and right side. What you have to do is, move away from the junction, go to the footpath on your left or right(the direction in which you have to proceed) and then just cross over to the footpath on your opposite side .. and move along !! Sounds simple ? For me it makes a lot of sense ! No more confusion and no more neck aches !!!


blog_reader said...

Wow!What a finding!!!

Priyamvada_K said...

:)). Try crossing a street in Pondy Bazaar, Chennai...You'll have to come up with new theories for that one!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Vijay said...

Well, I have been to Chennai, a lot too, since many of my aunts and uncles are there.But in Pondy Bazaar ?? I do know the place, but err.. is it tough out there ?? :D