June 7, 2005

Laces n Paces

June 07, 2005 Posted by Vijay 4 comments
Phew, that shoe that I am wearing has a problem alrite. Its big,heavy and on top of it it has shoelace hole which is metallic. So due to permutation and combination of the shoe being heavy and there being a metallic shoelace hole which finally culminates in the knot which I tie for wearing my shoe, the shoelace string tends to wear away quickly and finally gives way to breaking. The basic funda is .. that due to the heaviness I have to tie the shoelace string strongly lest my shoe keep slipping off my feet. The second most basic funda is, due to the presence of the metallic shoelace hole at the end, most of the pressure occurs at that part of the shoelace string which goes through this.

Conclusion ? :

My shoelace keeps breaking and I keep buying new ones. Now there are two things here.
1. It is a DEFINITE overhead for the shoe I bought
2. You might ask why I haven't bought a new pair ??

Know what ? The second question is the one to which I still do not have an answer.

For the time being though, I keep observing the state of the shoelace... whether it is starting to shred at that spot near the metallic shoelace loophole(aaah .. thats the word I wanted to use all the way through instead of which I was using .. metallic shoelace hole .. never mind, Better Late then NEVER !!) . I observed that the poor shoelace is nearing the end of its journey on my shoe. For all the paces I have taken with the help of the laces I have on my shoe, how can I thank it ever ? I am obliged to it forever !!(hey that was poetic too :D). The point is I would not know when the shoelace will break. So, as a solution to this critical problem(lest I walk on one shoe and the other leg with just socks) I bought a pair of shoelaces from BATA and I carry the same with me all the time, so that I will have a quickfix solution ANYTIME !!!

Will let you know when I buy my new pair of shoes (hope i do not have to wait till eternity :D)

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Templetiger said...

hey u could consider plastic shoelaces which have more tolerance to wear and tear.. Extremely popular in the west..


However i must warn you that the shoelace that fits one pinches another

Anonymous said...

I suggest you don't wear any shoes...:D

nandu said...

u can try hawai slippers... no shoe laces, no loopholes...

Aslan said...

You sure are giving good competition to the dullest blog in the world!!!