June 17, 2005

Weighty Matter

June 17, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
Here is an interesting question I have for all the calorie conscious and the doctors of this world.

I buy precisely 1kg of food. And then I stand on a weighing machine with the 1 kg of food of course ! Assuming my weight is 65 kgs, the weighing machine(a legitimate one) will show the weight as 66kgs.No issues here.

Now, I consume the whole lot of the 1kg of food.And this is an ideal situation, where it is complete 1kg of food and nothing less or more than that. Now I weigh myself on the weighing machine immediately after I have the food. Surely, I will weigh less than 66 kgs.You can try this for yourself too !

Why is this so ? I know it is a biological answer, but it somehow still beats me, as to how this can happen !


Aslan said...

I've thought of the very same thing myself :) I think the difference, i.e. say you weigh only 65.3 kg aftr eating so (66-65.3=0.7kg) is the weight of fat/muscle(calories) you burn to eat it. And I think if you drink 1 kg. of juice, you will indeed weigh 1kg more! 'cuz you're not expending anything in the action of drinking!! :)
Fascinating Fact: Did you know that while chewing 1 g. of celery, you will burn more calories than you gain?! Its true!! :-o

Vijay said...

And pray how do u suppose one can drink 1 kg of juice without gulping which in itself is an exercise ? So , really even that will expend energy i believe.Nice fact abt the celery thing :)

Anonymous said...

The reason as I see is-
The food/drink you take have a major percent of fluids which gets evaporated from your body. Ofcourse only a little part of this fluid gets lost this way.

But I think if you take 0.2 kg(of food which I believe is a very heavy meal) the weight increase before digestion could be 1.8 kg.(0.2 evaporation). 1 kg you had given is a little exxageration i guess.

But after digestion & secretion this could just 0.03 or so, as rest is junk.

Also to add a point when you buy something like 1 kg of orange the actual amout you eat is much less.

Also this only some logical assumtions and very basic biology I learned in schools. This could be completely wrong but I like to make my small theories.